FREE – Geothermal EP

When I started this EP half a year ago I tought well… Let’s send it over to a good label when it’s finished. But because all the great support I had from all of you I decided to give this EP away for free.Enjoy & don’t forget to share!


released 07 january 2015Produced and mixed by Benjamin Vanderzeypen.
Mastering by Product London.Special thanks to: Lien Geysenbergs, The AFTR crew, Wir Tanzen, Spectrum, Backyard Rave crew, Jkops, Unclesand, Andras, Lano Vadero, Tahko, Dimster & Tigerri, Mendoza, Luytanant, Pfeffer, Pumpie, Twist3d, Leen & Daf, Lieve Daems, Mike Struyf, Johan Muylle, Marc West, Tom van Himpen, Bunk3r r3cords, My family,…
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