Jerrymore – Digger EP

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Format : CD

It’s been a year since Jerrymore last made an appearance on FloorFiller Music with his Perro EP. We are more than excited to finally welcome our brethren back as he returns, with what we think, is his finest work up till now.

The title track ‘Digger’ withholds a piercing and intense force that makes this piece of music destined to become a true minimal techno peak-timer. Strong and sharp build-ups are being followed up by a thumping climax, which will do the necessary to create a fierce and relentless atmosphere.

Jerrymore adopted a more melodic and emotional approach within his second track of the EP: ‘Enigma’. The uplifting synth work gives this track the overall catchiness that the overall techno enthusiast is craving for.

No one other than AFTR’s techno prodigy Ben Solar took care of a pounding remix of the title track, giving this EP the extra dimension it deserves.