Pure Techno

03/02/2017 Westerlo, BE


Venue : Het Debuut
Address : Boskant 10
Zip : 2260

Before returning to our beloved Klinker club in Aarschot, we exceptionally strike down at Het Debuut in Westerlo. As it is a one – off event in this venue, we decided to bring you two guests and a live act, alongside your beloved residents off cozz.

First one up is **Tim Wolff**, one of Hollands finest techno dj’s and also one of Hollands best kept secrets. He’s mainly known to rock the famous Awakeningsparties but besides that, he’s a pretty busy producer who gets support from people like Dave Clarke and Ben Sims, to name a few. You don’t get the chance to see him in Belgium often, so we advise you to grab this chance with both hands (or should we say feet).

Second guest to shake the floor should not need any introduction anymore. **Steve Redhead** is an established value in Belgium and abroad, both as a dj and producer. Delivering his thundering beats to dancefloors nationwide for years now, we didn’t hesitate a second when we found out he had nothing to do on the the 3rd of februari. He was our guest on the first edition of PT and we are honoured to have him back behind our decks.

And then we have **Ben Solar**, a youngster from Binkom of all places 🙂 who delivered a world class live set on the allready infamous Aftrsun festival in august 2016. Boy oh boy did he left us speechless doin’ his magic back there. Really goin’ strong productionwise these days, we believe this is a man to keep an eye on.

Filling the line up like the glue that keeps it all together are residents Dimster vs Steff, Mendoza and Twieq.