12440322_960325537393755_7126848897946937356_oAgain a wonderful night at Whiteroom has passed! Last year was incredible, and 2016 was even better! Joop Junior played an amazing set at the mainroom, but eventually I had to leave to setup all my gear in the smaller underground room where dimster was already heating up the temperature.
The first vibes of 2016 felt incredible! The video says it all. Thank you to all the dancers, you made my day!
After closing down the dark room, the madness continued with an amazing hypnotising set by Vision Machine in the main room. I must say! Everybody did a great job, thanks to all other DJ’s for the great atmosphere!


Thank you all for dancing and all the support! It felt great to be a part of this edition!
The download of this set will be available soon!

Thanks Lien for recording this video!
Have fun folks.

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