Hey folks! 2015 is OUT!
We will never see her again, but we will definitely remember what 2015 was like. I was curious what tracks I played the most in 2015, so I dug deep in the playlist archive of Traktor.
Couldn’t believe my eyes as indeed many of the tracks were my personal favourites of past year. I often play my mixes in key, so my track selection depends on this fact as well.
I will no longer bore you with my intro text. Here’s my Top 10!

  • #1 /Angy Kore – With the cocaine (Original Mix)
    – In the beginning of the past year, this was a track that really grinded my gears. I used it almost all my sets until the summer. Certified banger if you ask me and I surely need no cocaine for that.
  • #4Sam Paganini – Black Leather (Original Mix)
    – One of the tracks that is not as hard as the tracks that are summed up in this list. I used it a lot when I needed to warm up and blending this track with other tracks works like a charm.
  • #5Sound Associates – Boombox (Len Faki edit)
    – Len Faki did a good job. Editing a track that’s almost 2 decades of age into a nice rejuvenated version. The old-school feeling is still present and it’s the delays in this track that remind me that this track is an excellent work.
  • #6 / Black Circus Inc. – Quad Control (Original Mix)
    – Skip to the break, hear the second drop and understand why the second part of this track makes me go wild. Naturally it’s suitable for the dance floor, but listening to this track makes it clear for you that this indeed is the case.
  • #7Miss Kittin, Dubfire – Exit (Brodinski Remix)
    – Miss Kittin’s vocals are perfect to release my creative manners for mixing. So many possibilities if you ask me and the remix of Brodinski spices this up. Recommended for people that like that french way of talking by Miss Kittin. Also: it’s just a very good track, check it out!
  • #8 / Ben Solar – My Rampage (Unreleased)
    -A bit of self promotion you think? It’s my post, I’m allowed :). Played this on the last parties of 2015 with a BIG smile on my face as I saw the crowd go crazy every time again. Later on, in 2016 this track will come out on De-Konstrukt, together with amazing stuff from Twist3d, our Label boss at Bunk3r r3cords.
  • #9 / Tom Hades – Just Bass (Original Mix)
    – Tom Hades is someone that practically lives in my neighbourhood, so no surprise that I follow him. “Just Bass” is a masterpiece made by him. The key element to my enlightenment with this track is the use of kind off uplifting vocals. And of course, it’s a valuable companion when reaching peak moments on the floor.

Thank you very much for reading and listening. I hope you all have a splendid 2016. All the best!

If you like my blogpost and found some new inspiration, you can do me a great favour as well by posting your number 1 techno track(s) of 2015 in the comment section.
Let’s see if I know them, or in anyway play them in my next sets.

Cheers and massive thanks for the support in 2015!

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